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Dont Quit


SHIPWRECK add printed articleOh it’s my prayer today that you allow this word to Ignite in your heart and receive it as a word of encouragement. 1st Timothy 1:19. Listen to these words: holding on to faith and a good conscience. Some have rejected these and so have shipwrecked there faith. Look at that word shipwrecked. What’s the first thing you think of. I think of the greatest shipwreck in all of history. Which at one time there never has been such a human tragedy. Think about the size of this ship for a moment. From stern to stern, 4 city blocks-a thousand feet long. It stood 11 stories high, 159 coal burning furnaces, 4 smokestacks that stood 60 feet above her casings, that were 22 feet in diameter. IMAGINE that. The newspaper headlines read: God himself couldn’t sink that ship. And despite all this-Sunday night April 14th, 1912 The worlds most luxurious Ship struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic, ripping a 300 ft. gash-in her side & plunged 13,000 ft. that’s over 2 1/2miles and sent 1,500 people to a watery grave in less than three hours. There is so many unique parallels but let me share with you which I believe is the No. 1 reason it shipwrecked and how we as Christians shipwreck. The captain, listen carefully refused to change course. He had been warned numerous times, change course, change course, but refused to believe that they were shipwrecking. The captain told everyone were fine-newspaper said there towing it back-relatives on the dock waiting, and the ship was 2 1/2 miles on the ocean floor. Listen, most people that are backsliding “sinking” are the last ones to admit it. God always sends warnings when icebergs are in are course. Icebergs that strike are marriage, our life, our health. There course has been set incorrect. Warnings usually come through a friend, church service, or that inner voice. Listen “The Denial of reality, is the womb of Tragedy”. The teenager that says all my friends are doing it is headed for an iceberg. Sin is harder than obedience. It’s easier to change course than to get out of an iceberg. Today don’t let anything “shipwreck” your Faith. Confess your sins and get back on course. I love you.
“You are God’s Best”!