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Fear and Depression

Fear Not! Dream On!

dream-on_edited-1I corresponded with a group of successful men and women and I asked: In one word, Why do Dreams die? They were all good responses. Some said: Doubt, Offense, Lack of Vision, Faith, and there were others, but one stood out. FEAR. Afraid of falling short of your expectations? When in fact the fastest way to success might be to fail first. Failing is a part of the process, not something to regret. Many years ago an actor Johnny Weissmuller, an Olympic swimmer who also played Tarzan in the movies. When asked: What is your secret to being a successful swimmer and actor? Weissmuller smiled. “Don’t let go of the vine”. Dreams don’t die, we simply quit, said one women. How true that is. Leonardo da Vinci worked on The Last Supper for ten years, sometimes becoming so absorbed in his work that he’d forget to eat. Albert Einstein said: “I’m not so smart. It’s just that I stay with a problem longer”. So together, let’s take a calculated chance. The fastest way to see our dreams and goals come true may be to fail a few times and “Never Give Up”! Keep dreaming.
“You are God’s Best”!

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